About Shobaprad Machinery LLP

We are a group of experienced professionals representing several companies of International repute
in India as their agents. We wish to bring technologies in the field of textile, wire related to tension monitoring and control
and several other verticals to aid in achieving desired quality processes.

Technological solutions from our principals equip you with tools to enhance control on your processes so that you
are always up to date and match up with the race. Consequently it is a matter of inference that embedding our product
results in restructuring of savings with superior finished product.
Though we are a young and budding organization, our foundation is laid on years old working experience and wisdom. We wish to
gather our customer faith and confidence by serving them with the right product at an optimal price.

Team of Shobaprad

The team of Shobaprad is committed towards the satisfaction of customers.

Anil Agrawal


A professional with first-hand experience of over 20 years of the Knitting Industry (Textile) is committed to create awareness about solutions to improve processes and substantially finished product. He believes that the textile industry has all the ingredients to surpass even international standards but just need gears and willingness to harness them by investment in technology that is the need of time.

Ashish Agrawal

Chief Executive

A technocrat by nature being an engineer, equipped management tools works closely with customers to understand their need based on both the parameters of technology and feasibility. His understanding of customer problems and matching them with available solutions underlines his firm belief of the principle that Customer is always First.